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Order Appointing Guardian ad Litem in an existing case. Transfer of Guardianship. Transfer from Washington. Personal and Real Property. CrR 4. Misdemeanor DUI Sentencing. JuCR 7. Indigency Screening Form. Motion for Contempt re Violation of Placement Order. Order [ ] Setting Contempt Hearing — Placement. Declining Juvenile Court Jurisdiction. Dependency Proceedings — Mandatory Pattern Forms. Joinder and Request for Appointment of Counsel. Dependency Petition - Extended Foster Care. Order of Dependency - Extended Foster Care.

Juvenile Offense — Diversion Agreements. Juvenile Offense proceedings in Juvenile court. Declaration of Supervising Probation Officer. Petition for Reinstatement of Terminated Parental Rights. Title 13 RCW Guardianship. Order to Stay Truancy Proceedings and Referral.

Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage, with Minor Children: Forms and Instructions

Vulnerable Youth Guardianship. Petition to Appoint Vulnerable Youth Guardian. Declaration of the Proposed Vulnerable Youth Guardian. Forensic Evaluation and Competency Restoration Orders - Order Authorizing Administration of Involuntary Medication. Order for Competency Restoration Treatment Felony. Order for Competency Restoration Treatment Misdemeanor.

Notice of Ineligibility to Possess a Firearm. Involuntary Civil Commitment Orders - Motion and Declaration for Order Vacating Conviction. Instructions for Sexual Assault Protection Order. Virginia Beach Circuit Court. Provides circuit court forms, civil law forms, continuance order forms, marriage license application forms, and concealed weapon permit application forms. Wisconsin Court System Forms. Provides forms for filing an appeal as well as circuit court forms for civil, criminal, family, guardianship, juvenile, mental commitment, probate, and small claims cases. Circuit Court Forms.

The Wisconsin Court System. Laramie County Court Forms. Laramie County District Court. Provides child support forms and confidential intermediary forms. Uinta County Court Forms. Uinta County District Court. Provides child support and divorce forms. Self-Representation State Links. Appellate, civil, domestic relations, domestic violence, jury, and small claims. Arkansas Judiciary, Administrative Office of the Courts. California Court Forms. Judicial Council of California. Provides both electronically fillable and non-fillable forms on various topics.

Centro de Ayuda. Provides instructions in Spanish to complete the English on-line forms. Formularios e instrucciones para usar en casos de acoso civil. Forms and Instructions. California Courts Self-Help Center. Provides instructions on choosing the correct court form, filling out the proper information, and filing the forms appropriately. This information can also be found in Spanish. Downloadable forms for Civil and Criminal cases, family law, protection orders, small claims court, probate court, and water court.

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Couples filing jointly so indicate on these forms. Provides forms for the Supreme Court, the Court of Civil Appeals, the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the District Courts of Oklahoma, child support, workers compensation, and pretrial conference and scheduling orders. Forms List. One of the divorce papers spouses may sign is a waiver of service, so that formal service by a process server isn't required. Provides forms dealing with various areas of family law.

Connecticut Judicial Branch. Provides forms for administrative issues, civil and criminal cases, family law, grievances, juvenile court, probate court, appellate court, and victim services. Rules and Forms.

Oregon Divorce Forms: Divorce Forms and Explanations

District Court, District of Columbia. Provides forms for filing In Forma Pauperis, Section Complaints, and other general forms used in bringing a case before the court. District Court, District of South Carolina. Provides numerous forms used in the U. Bankruptcy Court Forms. Bankruptcy Court, District of South Dakota. Self Help Forms. Georgia Judicial Branch. Provides forms for use in Probate Courts, Magistrate Courts, and juvenile courts.

The Idaho Court Assistance services provides online forms in a variety of cases.

Interactive forms are also located on the legal services website. Standardized State Court Forms. Forms for Citizens.

Forms for Dissolution (Divorce) and Dissolution of Registered Domestic Partnership

Indiana Judicial System. Provides general forms used in court as well as forms for obtaining restraining orders. Provides on-line packages with forms, information, and files related to topics such as divorce, child support, and name change. Kentucky Court of Justice. Provides numerous forms on numerous topics including DUI, civil cases, domestic violence, and dependency, neglect and abuse.

Louisiana Supreme Court. Provides online writ application filing sheets and civil priority filing sheets.

Divorce Papers & Forms

Family Court Forms. If you are using "do-it-yourself" forms, the class you go to or the instructions you receive will give you information about the kinds of things you can ask for in a divorce. After the petition is written, it is filed turned in at the courthouse. Other legal paperwork is required, too. A few courthouses have a staff person a "court facilitator" to help with family law paperwork and procedures.

If a lawyer is handling your divorce, he or she will have the divorce papers served on officially given to your spouse. If you are using "do-it-yourself" forms, the instructions should tell you what you need to do.

Dissolution of Marriage Forms - Petitioner

Your spouse can agree to sign papers that say he or she has been served. Otherwise, your spouse must be served by either the sheriff or another adult not you.

If you are getting cash assistance or certain other public benefits, the Division of Child Support DCS will also have to be served with the divorce petition. If you do not have a lawyer or if the divorce forms you are using do not have instructions about this, you can call DCS to find out how to serve them with the papers.

If you cannot find your spouse, you will need to serve your spouse by either publishing or posting a notice that you have filed for divorce. You MUST have an order signed by a judge that gives you permission to serve your spouse by publishing or posting notice.