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And babies are never sacrificed, they are usually eaten with fava beans and a nice Chianti, waste not want not. Keep in mind that not everyone has English as the first language like me so they will have a hard time keeping up with your posts. The triple blade represents the three spirits of the world while the phurpa as a whole symbolizes "world axis. Mcroggles, yes and no, lets just say i see a light at the end of the tunnel and leave it at that.

Neurok thanks Daylanja is correct,, This 3 faced dagger 3 edged dagger, you might notice this item in the movie golden child. This dagger represent the destruction of the 3 poisons, Tibetan monks use this in a ceremony that represents the breaking free of, Ignorance, delusion, and hapless desire. What i do to you i do to my self. Delusion comes for attachment to concepts, of the physical, and emotional. Every thing in this universe is ephemeral, temporary, ever changing, not gonna last forever.

The imagination that we are not interconnected. Thus we perpetrate great misdeeds on our selves, and that comes back round from the little you in me, or vice verse. Karma is a bitch.. Dannie's picture we have knowledge, understanding, wisdom and clear light. The mind thinks the physical is permanent. Its all going to rust some day, why hang on. Why attach. The mind is omnipresent, every where.

Think of aggregate like, accumulation of large particles due to a filter system The objects is to do this all together. And the first trumpet sounds Next bit of information, From malkuth we come to yesod the dream world, yesod means foundation. OR the foundation of malkuth, the kingdom, or this reality we live in.. Both are illusion. Aggregate forms of an unconscious mind, but we are real savvy at explaining it the other way around.

The dream world is the product of unconscious delusions. Some times i hate my self, but i will endure until the end of suffering Crowley was often called a monster, but Crowley was no more a monster than any of you We do what we must for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The 3 of cups Also known as the Abundance card, considering what other symbols are placed in Danie's picture this would represent Abundance of knowledge. Reflection through the shadow form. This might be a symbol of meditation, and meeting with what might be called the guardian at the gate. Also known as the devil. I feel sorry for you if you feel the need for some stern revenge on the suffering produced by the nature of the universe GOD created for our benefit.

You are only staring in a mirror. Have fun kicking your own ass What makes you think god cant put you in the same time line twice or a million times for that matter. Considering that several major religions seem to have a common core value we can tie that all the major religion attack the spiritual question from a different angle, lets start with Buddhism This non religion seem to be a conjunction of pure rationality and introspection.

Monks in Tibet spent year in isolation uncorrupted What they call the Darmah is the object of an attachment, attachment is a conventionality they seek to rid them selves of. They will tell you once you reach the bank of a turbulent river, you no longer need the boat you travel in. Judaism, much older than Buddhism, and birthed from Tree of life used in the Tarot system.

The Jewish will tell you that God exists in us all, and there is a magic about us. IM not goin to get into Christianity, or Muslim for these are 2 polarizing, system of belief that lead to ultimate spiritual laziness and aggression, not at the core value but at a gross level Who ever told you that some dude was going to come around and save you from acting like an ass to someone else was suffering from a very severe delusion.


Not that "Christ consciousness" is something to neglect, but no one is going to seek this for you. And as for Muslim which is very much grounded in the core value of Christ, however they would have you believe that there is some great enemy other than the one you can find in a mirror, that you must be rid of. This leads to and idea that we are separate from each other I have one thing to say, if you are christian, or Muslim and you have hate in your hart, other than the for the way you treat others, than you are drastically misinterpreting what you are following.

Considering that The philosophers stone is represented in Both Buddha and Jewish circles, how ever in drastically different ways i would suggest a healthy course of Quabalah how ever the hell you want to spell it and Buddhism.. Im not going to get heavy in to this not yet Warning this place is terrible Abandon all self grasping ye who enter here. The arrogant will find no peace Only those of equanimity will find bliss in this thorn patch. Leave your delusions at the door.

Sleeper, I have read through all of these, and I will have to read them over, and over again. The ideas behind them are extremely difficult to wrap my head around, but it's like looking at a picture you can't quite focus on, but you know something you NEED to see is there.

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Thank you so much for sharing all of this information that you know, it is absolutely fascinating and I would like to look into it I don't have my poster over here, it's at a different house, but I will certainly count the objects in the pictures for you. In general, the collective ideas expressed throughout the forums on this website seem to be fluttering toward an apex, a convergence. If we think of this apex as lying upon the y-axis of a cartesian coordinate system, then we inherently have a parabola.

Admittedly, my academic background is in the sciences, so I have an innate, or rather, matriculated tendency to analyze the mysteries inherent throughout this reality through the somewhat prohibitive filter of quantitative analysis. I must confess, the reason that I am here is to, in fact, attempt to place a mirror upon this axis and peer into the path, or line, that defines the other half of this quadratic equation.

This, in turn, will require a more "qualitative" analysis, rather than an attempt to merely quantify. It is at this very apex, or fulcum, that two methodologies indeed become one, undoubtedly a central theme of 10, days. Sleeper , it is fine analyses like those that you have presented here that beg me to consider the other side of the arc. I must admit though, that I still fall into the cyclical tendency to analyze through finite points of reference. Perhaps relativity is the kite string of erudition. Figuratively, I do not wish to ground the airborne parafoil of philisophy, but instead, desire to merely feel it's tug upon the palm of my hand.

To flirt with conjecture, if you will. In terms of the Quabalah, or tree of life, this corradiation of duality does become curiously significant. Kenneth Grant, the British Occultist who was, if fact, the last living person under the direct tutelage of Aleister Crowley, believed that there was a "nightside" to the tree of life.

In other words, Kether can be thought of as our afore-mentioned apex on the parabola. Could there perhaps be a whole other side? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Have you read "The Nightside of Eden"? First off i want to say to Spiralout34, Meditation is a very useful tool in understanding the true self,or the subtle collective self Just keep in mind its not about grasping, it more about letting go.

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As for counting the items, i think you are misconceiving something i meant to stress. The cups in Danie's photo represent a Card in the Thoth tarot. THe number of the cups leads to a specific card in the deck. Counting them wrong would lead to a completely different card thus meaning accuracy was all that i was requesting. But now that we have someone interacting with the poster i would like you attempt to list the objects in Addams photo as acuratly as possible, and post it on the thread. I find a an auspicious sign that You bring up the night side of the Tree of life Remember, its less about darkness and more about hidden.

THere is another layer to the Tree of life called the Tantra. And thanks for the book suggestion. OK the subtle Body, the omnipresent body. Remember i spoke about a nerve system that run between us, We have direct proof of this in Causality. Where cause and effect take place we are connected. What about the things we don't observe?

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Our comprehensive database and intiutive search make it easy. Yondo's phone numbers include () , () , () Yondo's. FREE Background Report & Reputation Score () for Yondo Jung in Los Address, Email & Phone Number | 1 Personal Review | Income & Net Worth. and agree with Hemingway when he said "The best way to find out if you can trust.

There are spectrum's of light we don't even perceive, there are physical bodies we cant see with the naked eye. Delusion 1 "I exist independent of my surroundings" delusion 2 "Nothing i do has an effect on my surroundings or me" Delusion 3 "I am separate from all other beings" Delusion 4 "this object or that is inherent phenomena in the universe, in other words its permanent" Delusion 5 "I am more or less important than Some or even all other sentient beings" ok im going to stop there, but there are of these delusions. What we observe in this so called waking state, it only an attempted mental projection of what small amount of information we glean from our surroundings, in essence its more a filter.

Unfortunately in this "so called" waking states we are truly more asleep than awake.

Thus non-conception arises. Or not labeling that phenomena you perceive as being inherently good or bad. Crowleys "book of lies, falsely so called" explains this. The negative is just as important as the positive. You cant ignore one side of the fence because imbalance happens. What arises form that is a polarization; is this good, is he bad, And then give me, give me, give me, i want more.

You can just as easily polarize something positive, that conventional society could call wrong, "the Pot" calls the kettle black or the other way around, when truly they are both full of shit.

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That must make them both bedpans. Oopse there i go conceptualizing again. Suggested Trantric practice IF you feel tensions arise in your self, you have a delusion i suggest you squash.. Daemon slaying , First identify it, Then Accept it, then Love it, then let it go. Letting go is the hardest part..

Again warning ALSO When all sentient intelligent beings are working earth for the benefit of each other water , rather than just the benefit of only them selves fire. Then the world will see suffering air die. Give or take a hiccup or 2 from nature her self. For the benefit of ALL sentient beings. The true enemy I cant stress this enough We mistake what we draw in our minds eye as being ultimate reality, with out clarity of being fully awake we fall into this illusion that we insist is completely true, and with this we fall into this "situation is every one for them self" illusion, and we come up with an enemy complex.

When all that is really going on is every one doing their best to live with out suffering.