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How a Private Investigator can Help your Divorce Case

Adultery can significantly affect the division of assets. When infidelity is cited as the cause of separation, the court can take that into consideration when dividing up the marital estate.

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In cases where adultery is the cause of a divorce, the person committing adultery is barred from receiving alimony. Adultery does not usually affect child custody unless the cheating parent brings the paramour around the children. Judges try to determine whether the adulterer can be a good parent even though the party is considered a poor spouse. Adultery can be proven by either the admission of the other party or other evidence.

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For example, private investigators could be hired to follow spouses and catch them with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Cell phone records, text messages, emails, social media, and photographs can also come into play when proving adultery.

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A case alleging adultery can also be substantiated by a lot of circumstantial evidence, such as photographs of two people kissing, credit card charges at jewelry stores, personal videos, records of late-night phone calls and text messages, or airline tickets and hotel stays. Regardless of the types of evidence that a claimant may have, the right adultery divorce lawyer in Atlanta could help build a case that proves adultery. Cheating on a spouse after vowing life-long loyalty can create more than just emotional problems between spouses.

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In Georgia, a private investigator is a licensed professional who must be a member of or affiliated with a licensed an investigation or security company regulated. A Divorce Attorney Alpharetta GA discusses who should hire an investigator Private investigators are often hired to assist with family law cases, and they can Do you have a suspicion of something amiss in your marriage?.

If non-committal behavior has disrupted your marriage, do not hesitate to reach out to skilled legal counsel. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

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When the case involves extramarital affairs, the couples are usually discreet enough that the film is PG-rated at best. Powered by WordPress. We have our detective agencies affiliate in all over Georgia and partners in all former USSR countries. Username or E-mail: Log in Register. Due to poles apart tribulations, the speed of divorce is ever increasing like anything. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

Please leave this field empty. Call today and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate family lawyers. It's important to obtain legal advice before you assert a fault ground for your divorce. For example, if your spouse committed adultery in the past, but you and your spouse were able to work things out, the court may say you condoned the conduct and it can no longer be used as a ground for divorce.

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Whether you are planning for a future divorce or you need to respond to a divorce filing by your spouse in Fulton County, our lawyers are here to advise you. Please contact us today to arrange a personal, discreet consultation.

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