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How to Get a Felony Off Your Record in Maine


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  • Contact us about your case today! Maine divides its criminal offenses into classes, going from the least serious Class E to the most serious Class A.

    Murder is outside the classification and is the most serious offense. Class D and E offenses are referred to as misdemeanors as they carry lesser sentences up to six months for a Class E, up to one year for a Class D and are dealt with differently by the Courts, primarily in District Court. District Court is less formal, and any trial will be before a judge, not a jury, unless the Defendant asks for a jury trial.

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    Class A, B and C offenses are considered felonies, and are more serious offenses. They carry minimum sentences of up to five years Class C , up to ten years Class B and up to thirty years Class A , with murder being subject to between 25 years and life. Felonies are dealt with in Superior Court, and are heard before a jury.

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    Unless the Defendant waives the right, the charges must also be brought by indictment by a Grand Jury. Skip to main content.

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    Home Attorneys David M. Lipman Roger J. Theft charges can be complicated.

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    For example, someone may face a theft charge because they were caught shoplifting. Issuing a bad check is a form of theft as well, though it is more commonly prosecuted as a larceny charge. The value of the property in question will generally determine whether the crime is charged as a misdemeanor or a felony.

    In Maine, the following penalties apply:. If a weapon is used, the charge is elevated to a Class A crime. A criminal conviction for theft or theft related crimes is a serious matter with serious consequences.

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    In Maine, felonies are crimes punishable by state prison terms. Under Maine's laws, all crimes (except for murder) are classified as Class A, B, or C crimes. The terms felony and misdemeanor are not used in Maine statutes. Black's Law Dictionary defines a felony as a “serious crime usually.

    A felony conviction can prevent you from obtaining loans, maintaining professional licenses, or receiving government benefits or contracts and other collateral consequences. The Law Office of Richard S.