Corsi on obama birth certificate

Birthers not persuaded by Certificate of Live Birth

'Took them 17 minutes'

It was about my birth certificate. But Arpaio, reached by phone, said he did not coordinate with Zullo and Corsi about the "Infowars" appearance. Stone and Credico met more than a decade ago, when they were both advocating for marijuana legalization in New York. ABC News. Corsi, who graduated from Harvard and is a professional journalist, could not be reached for comment. The demographics tell the basic story: a black man is president and a large majority of white southerners cannot accept that, even in

Then Zullo left for Hawaii in a highly publicized attempt to drum up the real birth certificate funded by taxpayers. Being an election year, it played well for Arpaio, who at the time was under federal investigation for racial profiling. In fact, Arpaio made it a habit to plan birther press conferences ahead of potentially negative announcements in his case.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio suggests Obama's birth certificate is a forgery

These seemed to serve both as a means to direct attention away from the federal investigation into his department, and also to pad his reelection campaign with millions of out-of-state donations. In a July birther press conference , Zullo laid out the investigation and the 10 days he and others spent in Hawaii.

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With that, and because Hawaii officials would not let Zullo examine the original copy of the certificate, Arpaio declared it a phony. Four years passed, and about every politician, including Trump, has cast off the birther claim for what it is.

Arpaio, if anything, has been persistent. But he has also been masterfully duplicitous when it comes to working the media. In the 90s, he reinstated chain gangs and forced prisoners to dress in pink underwear.

Man who pushed questions about Obama's birthplace says he shared information with Trump

Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President is a book by Jerome Corsi which promotes the claim that then U.S. During Barack Obama's campaign for president in , throughout his presidency, and .. Corsi continued to cast doubt on Obama's birth certificate as late as March In a CNN interview, he stated, "I want to see the original birth.

It became a media spectacle. The press raised his political profile. Not once did Corsi mention that Trump had said he doubted the authenticity of the document.

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  • Jeremy Corsi currently works with fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones at Infowars.

In fact, Corsi noted that he had pressed Trump to publicly question the document and to demand a forensic investigation of the original record as opposed to the electronic version released by the White House. Corsi repeatedly complained about Trump dropping the birther ball.

Jones and Corsi discussed the possibility that Trump is now in league with the Obama White House—plotting against birthers and Republicans. For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.

Obama's birth certificate T-shirts: Enough already?

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Trump on His Political Future, Obama's Birth Certificate and a New Feud

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