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If the screening process is poorly designed, districts, campuses, institutions or organizations could face litigation.

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The state leaves it up to each district to create its own policy. For example, last fall, CS reported that Chicago Public Schools CPS barred employees from coming back to work because they had a history of violence, sexual misconduct or dangerous criminal activity.

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More than one in four of the employees who were flagged were teachers. Considering the vulnerability of the students and patients campus security professionals are tasked with protecting, nowhere is employee screening more important than in the fields of education and healthcare.

Additionally, in-depth credit checks can identify the financial issues of applicants being considered for money handling or fundraising positions. Also, vehicle accident histories can identify at-risk individuals applying to become school bus drivers or operators of other employment-related vehicles and machinery. Depending on the position being filled, other supplemental screening might also be necessary. Unfortunately, as evidenced by the Union County, Cabarrus County and CPS examples previously mentioned, not all background check programs are created equal.

Furthermore, if the screening process is poorly designed, the district, campus, institution or organization could face litigation. Therefore, as a condition of employment by Union County Public Schools, a review of criminal history, including a check of sex offender registries, shall be conducted on each final candidate for employment or for hiring as an independent contractor.

Special requirements are described below for criminal history checks of candidates for certain positions working with pre-school children or working in afterschool or developmental day programs. Failure of an applicant to sign a Release of Information form shall be considered a withdrawal of the application for employment.

A final candidate for employment or for hiring as an independent contractor will be excluded from hiring on the basis of criminal conduct only when doing so is job-related and consistent with business necessity.

If a final candidate is found to have been convicted of a criminal offense, other than a minor traffic violation, the Superintendent or designee shall determine whether the individual is qualified for employment despite the criminal history by considering, among other things, whether the individual poses a threat to the safety of students or personnel or has demonstrated that he or she does not have the integrity or honesty to fulfill the duties of the position.

Before the Superintendent or designee may exclude a final candidate based on his or her past criminal convictions, the Superintendent or designee must give the candidate the opportunity to demonstrate that the exclusion does not properly apply to him or her. The requirements of this paragraph do not apply to a child care provider who is determined to be disqualified by the Division of Child Development and Early Education on the basis of a criminal history check conducted pursuant to G.

See below. The Board has determined that every position with the school system, regardless of whether the position is located in a school or elsewhere, potentially entails contact with students, either on a regular, occasional, or emergency basis. For that reason, no individual who is a registered sex offender subject will be hired for any position with the school system.

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In addition, each contract executed by the Board with an independent contractor or for services of independent contractors must require the contractor to check sex offender registries for all employees acting under this contract. Denial of employment based on the criminal history record information report shall be made on a case-by-case basis by the Superintendent or designee. If a person omits or gives false information concerning his or her criminal history on his or her employment application, background check form, resume or any other required or submitted application-related document, that person may not be offered employment.

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Candidates shall not be required to disclose expunged arrests, charges, or convictions and candidate shall not be asked to voluntarily disclose such information without first being advised that disclosure is not required. If the person has been: a hired, or b offered employment conditioned on the results of a criminal history check, the person will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or the offer of employment will be withdrawn, as applicable. Union County Public Schools reserves the right to conduct a criminal records check at anytime on any employee within the school system.

Here’s What Campus Employee Background Checks Should Include

Except as otherwise provided below applicants and current employees must notify the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources immediately if they are arrested, charged with, or convicted of a criminal offense including entering a plea of guilty or nolo contendere other than a minor traffic violation i. Notice must be in writing, must include all pertinent facts, and must be delivered to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources no later than the next scheduled business day following the arrest, charge, or conviction, unless the applicant is hospitalized or incarcerated, in which case the applicant must report the alleged violation within 24 hours after his or her release.

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Upon judicial action in the matter, the applicant must report the disposition and pertinent facts in writing to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources no later than the next business day following adjudication. Before beginning initial employment or volunteer service and at least every three years thereafter, each child care provider must complete a criminal background check that meets the requirements of G. However, a child care provider with provisional status may be employed pending final results of the criminal background check but shall be subject to the restrictions established by 10A N.

The application fee and cost of fingerprinting associated with the DCDEE criminal history check process shall be borne by the Board. A child care provider who has incurred any pending charges, indictments, or convictions other than minor traffic offenses since the last qualification letter was issued by DCDEE shall notify the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources in writing of such charges within five business days or before returning to work, whichever comes first. The Superintendent or designee shall include the criminal history mandatory reporting requirement in all new employee orientation information for child care providers.

The Superintendent shall also be responsible for establishing effective recordkeeping methods and other processes as necessary to ensure compliance with all legal requirements pertaining to criminal history record checks of child care provider. In situations in which the employee must be hired between Board meetings, the Superintendent or designee is authorized to approve hiring such personnel, contingent upon approval by the Board at its next scheduled Board meeting.

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The UCSO is a full-service law enforcement agency, meaning that we provide the full range of law enforcement services for our citizens, including: Patrol, Jail, Civil Process, Criminal Investigation and Animal Services. Our county is square miles in area. Union County has been recognized as the fastest growing county in the state, and one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. This web site is intended as an informational resource for the citizens of Union County and the surrounding areas.

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Our goal for this site is to increase communication between the Sheriffs Office and the citizens of Union County, and to provide a mechanism for public access to frequently requested information that is within the public domain. Popular Resources.