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These revenues are used to support general operations of the municipality, provide emergency services and road improvements, and to pay down debt service. The Municipality of Murrysville real estate millage is Skip to Main Content.

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Sign In. Fall taxes for the School District are mailed out in late July and are paid on a fiscal year - July 1 to June 30 Tax Appeals Tax appeals for real estate taxes should be sent to either: James R. Real Estate Tax Information.

Earned Income Tax Information. In most cases, this is deducted by your employer.

Property taxes are assessed on any real estate held within the township. A discount is available if the tax is paid before the discount date noted on the bill and a penalty applies if the bill is paid late. Office hours are Monday thru Thursday am to pm.

The street light assessment is assessed upon certain areas of the township that have street lights. Amusement device fees are assessed upon any juke boxes or mechanical or electronic games used for profit. This tax is collected by Township Treasurer, Mary Perez. A junk yard license is required by all township junkyards.

Office Phone: Facebook. Explanation of Local Taxes Earned Income Tax Wage Tax Any person residing in the school district and who is employed, even if only part-time or for a summer job, must pay this tax.

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Per Capita Tax Act Any person who is 18 years of age or over on or before June 30th of the taxing year must pay this tax. Real Estate Property Taxes Property taxes are assessed on any real estate held within the township.

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